Baby, It’s Cold Online

It’s divisive. It’s aggressive. It’s ugly.

Can’t we all just get along?

This isn’t the first year the song Baby It’s Cold Outside has caused Twitter wars, but it might have been worse this year than ever before. It’s a clear example of a larger trend in politics, social issues, and political correctness: us vs. them, right vs. wrong, all black and white with no grey area in-between.

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In other words, few people are interested in discussing anything unless it’s with the singular goal of discerning who’s on whose team. Queue immature Facebook comment slander.

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Can’t we all just get along?

This may seem like a radical idea to some, but what if it were possible to have a discussion where we use examples to illustrate our points without calling for some extreme call to action? Many, many people do find offense in the lyrics of the song Baby It’s Cold Outside.

This does not mean any of the following:

  • Everyone else should also be offended.
  • You’re either 0% offended or 100% offended.
  • It should be banned everywhere.
  • No one should be able to sing along or enjoy listening to it—especially women who see how it could be offensive.
  • If you find it offensive, you’re obviously oversensitive and whiny.
  • If you don’t find it offensive, no one else should, either.
  • If you don’t find it offensive, you’re heartless and cold.
  • If people in the time and social culture in which it was written didn’t take offense to it, no one else, under any other circumstances, should be offended.

baby its cold right wrong thank u next text message blog post leslieddavis


  • We are all very different people with very different perspectives, and therefore we do not perceive and react the same way to every stimulus, and that’s normal.
  • A person can be offended by something without it being an extreme emotional reaction and without demanding an extreme solution.
  • A person can use a song to illustrate their point in a larger conversation (such as the normalization of rape culture) without insinuating that the song itself is solely responsible for society’s larger ills (rape).
  • Listening to people with different points of view and participating in the dialogue
    • does not require that you then agree on everything in the end.
    • does not require that you spit hate at each other when you realize you don’t agree 100%.
    • could, possibly, lead to better understanding and growth for everyone involved.

Thoughts? Leave a comment!

Banner image from the film Neptune’s Daughter.


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