How to Start a Holocaust

Step One: Label the enemy.

They’re “other.” They aren’t you or anyone you know. They’re the ugly duckling. Make a list: dirty, poor, uneducated, lazy, greedy, immoral. Animals. Vermin. Cockroaches. Rats.

the fool pied piper immigrants rats

Image via the Reformed Broker

Step Two: Call it something else.

Convince yourself that there are valid reasons for what’s happening. Give it a name that’s palatable. Sheep’s clothing. Genuinely believe that you, and everyone else around you, are doing the right thing. Call it something nice. Call it border security.

border security

Image via Mexico News Daily

To maintain your conviction, avert your eyes whenever it stops looking pretty.

border security fence.jpg

Image via Jews Down Under

Step Three: Disarm the enemy.

Strip them of everything they brought with them. Jewelry. Glasses. Photographs of family. Deodorant. Water bottles. Wedding rings from the Jews in Poland.


Image via History

Rosaries from Latin Americans on the Southern Border.


Image via the Daily Mail

Step Four: Divide and conquer.

Isolate the children. Break down communication. Gather and hide them away when you can.

immigrant children

Image via the Daily Mail

holocaust children.jpg

Image by anabelsz

What’s Step Five? Tell me in the comments. Let’s be thorough about this.

Header images via and LA Times

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